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Analytical Techniques

Our research focuses on using cosmogenic nuclides to address research questions in Earth, Environmental and Archaeological Science.

If you feel your project would benefit from collaboration with SUERC-Cosmo get in touch. 


- Sample preparation, mineral separation and mineral purification

- Sample elemental concentration by ICP-OES and U, Th, REE by ICP-MS

- Cosmogenic nuclide analysis by dissolution/ion exchange chemistry (Be, Al, Cl) 

- Be-10/Be, Al-26/Al, Cl-36/Cl by accelerator mass spectrometry with 5MV NEC 15SDH-2 Pelletron

- Cosmogenic He-3 and Ne- 21 analysis with Thermo Helix-SFT and ARGUS6

- Data reduction and modelling/interpretation


The Facilities tab above shows some of the analytical equipment housed by SUERC-Cosmo

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