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We are a major driver of innovation with extensive experience of strategic research collaborations, engaging with other academic institutions and businesses both large and small. You can work with us through research partnerships, multi-institution research proposals, knowledge transfer schemes and research studentships. 

Research collaborations with other academic institutions allow for multi- inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches to address some of the major challenges facing civilisation today. Such collaborations also allow for fundamental research and technical innovation. Joint funding bids provide research money to allow academics and researchers to dedicate time to specific project objectives.

Research partnerships provide a way for businesses to develop new technologies and processes, or gain critical insights into business challenges. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and bring together our world class research facilities and academics/researchers to create novel solutions to address those challenges.

Knowledge transfer collaborations can also bring new, or tried and tested, methodologies to address critical challenges. Through a recent graduate, or a secondee, we can work with you to embed technical, process and business-model solutions.

By sponsoring a PhD student, you can access some of the most cutting-edge research from a wide range of academic disciplines. Studentships are of mutual benefit as the student also gains valuable industry-related expertise.

Contact us below for more information.

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